Bankruptcy Des Moines, Iowa

Collection Calls

Stop calls from creditors and collections. 

Your time is valuable, and Lisa is committed to making sure you find value in every minute she spends with you; from helping you navigate and complete the confusing application forms, to obtaining your credit reports and everything in between.

Lisa will help in taking some of the burdens out of the process and will stand by you every step of the way to provide a knowledgeable and supportive hand. For more testimonials regarding Lisa Pendroy's bankruptcy and criminal defense services, head to our Testimonials page.

"I was getting a lot of collection calls from creditors and was afraid my wages would be garnished. I called Lisa Pendroy and after discussing it with her, I retained her services through a payment plan. The creditors stopped calling me. It took me a while to pay for the bankruptcy, but Lisa was very patient and understanding about this. I really like Lisa and I think you will also."

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