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Filing for bankruptcy can be an extremely stressful process. With so many unknowns and questions, it can be difficult to even know if bankruptcy is the right solution for you.

In the unfortunate event that you find yourself weighing your options, you need someone who is empathetic, reliable, and knowledgeable. Whether the solution involves liquidation, repayments, or reorganization, Lisa Pendroy, an experienced bankruptcy attorney, can help inform and guide you through this difficult process. Lisa's friendly and approachable demeanor creates a safe space for those who are seeking support in making the right choice when it comes to bankruptcy. 

Lisa Pendroy is that person, possessing a strong passion, both for the law and for helping her clients. Every situation is unique, but one thing is for certain; Lisa approaches each and every client with the utmost care, respect and support.

Reach out to Lisa today for a free consultation. 

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