Bankruptcy Des Moines, Iowa

My Approach

Lisa’s approach to bankruptcy law is a little different than the typical. Her friendly and approachable demeanor creates a safe space for those who are seeking support in making the right choice when it comes to bankruptcy. 

Your time is valuable, and Lisa is committed to making sure you find value in every minute she spends with you; from helping you navigate and complete the confusing application forms, to obtaining your credit reports and everything in between. Lisa will help in taking some of the burden out of the process, and will stand by you every step of the way to provide a knowledgeable and supportive hand.

Additionally, Lisa understands that filing for bankruptcy can be an expensive endeavor, money for which you just might not have.  That’s why Lisa allows her clients to retain her services for as little as $300 down.

Upon agreeing to representation, a few things may happen:

  1. Your bankruptcy is partially completed, Lisa will help you fill out the forms and start working immediately on your bankruptcy.

  2. Your credit report is obtained.

  3. The harassing phone calls will stop.

  4. The balance owed with be tackled through a flexible payment plan that works for you.

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