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Criminal Defense

Des Moines, Iowa's Bankruptcy and Criminal Defense attorney Lisa Pendroy has a wealth of experience in the criminal defense practice area. If you are being charged with a misdemeanor or felony, you can confidently rely on Lisa for quality legal advice and effective representation during your criminal case.

A criminal conviction can bring number of debilitating consequences, from steep fines to jail or even prison time.  Lisa has over 15 years of experience defending her clients in criminal matters ranging from class B felonies to simple misdemeanors. Make sure your rights are protected.

Lisa’s approach is a little different than the typical criminal defense attorney. Her friendly and approachable demeanor creates a safe space for those who are seeking support in making the right choice. 

Your time is valuable, and Lisa is committed to making sure you find value in every minute she spends with you. Lisa will help in taking some of the burden out of the process, and will stand by you every step of the way to provide a knowledgeable and supportive hand.

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