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Lisa K. Pendroy is a bankruptcy attorney based in Des Moines, IA.

Lisa K. Pendroy was born and raised in Iowa. She received both her undergrad and a law degree from Drake University located in Des Moines, Iowa.  

Practicing bankruptcy law since 2002, Lisa has a wealth of experience and a strong passion for helping people through their financial hardships. As many of her clients will tell you, Lisa's passion for her clients drives her both personally and professionally. She often goes above and beyond to help her clients through what is often one the most difficult time of their lives.

Lisa’s approach is a little different than the typical. Her friendly and approachable demeanor creates a safe space for those who are seeking support in making the right choice when it comes to bankruptcy and criminal defense.

Your time is valuable, and Lisa is committed to making sure you find value in every minute she spends with you. This ranges from helping you navigate and complete the confusing application forms, to obtaining your credit reports, and everything in between. Lisa will help in taking some of the burden out of the process. She stands by you every step of the way to provide a knowledgeable and supportive hand.

Bankruptcy Law 

If you are looking for resources regarding bankruptcy in Iowa, seeking help from a Des Moines bankruptcy attorney, or are curious on the difference between Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Business bankruptcies, you have come to the right place. Lisa provides assistance in Chapter 7 bankruptcies, Chapter 13 bankruptcies, and Business bankruptcies to help you regain your finances. Additionally, Lisa understands that filing for bankruptcy can be an expensive endeavor, money for which you just might not have.

Criminal Defense Law

Lisa Pendroy has a wealth of experience in the criminal defense practice area. If you are being charged with a misdemeanor or felony, you can confidently rely on Lisa for quality legal advice and effective representation during your criminal case.

Lisa has over 15 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney. She defends her clients in criminal matters ranging from class B felonies to simple misdemeanors. Make sure your rights are protected.



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Lisa K. Pendroy is among the most trusted attorneys in Des Moines, Iowa.

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